Urine Toxicology

All Better Lab offers trusted Urine or Oral Swab Toxicology Services that help treat patients much better. Before prescribing any opioids, Physicians around the country often employ toxicology tests to determine which opioid to employ. Our lab has performed millions of tests, thousands per day and still maintain 24 hours turn around. This means that doctors and medical facilities that partner with us will have results faxed to them the very next day. What’s more, insurances including medicaid pay for these types of tests.

You may note that many of the current laboratories operating in the country can take days or weeks to return patient testing results to you.  In this regard we consistently maintain a 1-day turnaround and our exceptional service allows doctors to increase and improve patient care.

The medical reports we offer are succinct, easy to read and cut off levels are as low as 2ng/ml. Normally, however, we leave them little higher so doctors can decide clinically his or her preference. We specialize in detecting prescription medications and illicit drugs allowing medical practitioners to make the best possible decisions regarding a patient’s care.

Every account has one portal for all of their clinical reports. No hospital billing and we never bill insurance over $500 which means lower Explanation of Benefits (EOB) every time. This means less phone calls from patients upset about billing and payments due. For these services, we have contracts with almost all major insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid in Pennsylvania. Let us help you do the right thing for your clients and patients. Give us the opportunity to share this exciting service with you. 

Drug Screens and DOT Physical Exam

There are a number of drug tests available and at All Better Lab we proudly offer a variety of these tests including a 10-Panel Urine Drug Test. This test will detect the presence of illicit drugs such as Marijuana, AMP, COC, PCP, OPI, BARB, BENZ, PPX, MTD, MTQ.

Drug tests have long become the norm as they are required in all sorts of scenarios. Nurses or students enrolling in the medical field are often required to provide a 10 panel drug test. 

We also offer the 5-Panel DOT Mandated drug test for Federal employees. These DOT Compliant tests include members of the FMCSA such as CDL Drivers. Additionally, Pilots (FAA), Railroad Operators (FRA), United States Coast Guard (USCG), Pipe fitters (PHMSA) are required to take regular DOT Compliant Drug Tests. 

Additionally, CDL drivers such as truck drivers are required to have a DOT Physical Exam every 2 years. At All Better Lab, our medical professional will check your vision, hearing, blood pressure and a variety of other medical conditions and based on your current health, our doctor will issue a certificate valid up to 2 years.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

With today’s technological advances we also offer Hair Follicle Drug Tests. These tests have the ability to extend the range of drug use detection to as much as 3 months. We offer the Harrisburg area’s lowest prices with our economically priced 5 Panel Hair Follicle test which tests for Amphetamine, Methamphetamines, Cocaine/Metabolites, Marijuana (THC/Carboxy THC), Phencyclidine and Opiates.

Hair Follicle tests have gained quite a bit of acceptance in the workplace and the courtroom. This is because hair follicle tests are nearly impossible to adulterate. In other words, there are no products available on the market that can wash away the use of drugs in hair. This is why courts and attorney’s ask for hair follicle tests for legal purposes. Hair Follicle tests are painless and completely unnoticeable because we take only a small sample of your hair, the width of a straw, and make sure it is completely unnoticeable. In cases where there is not enough hair or the person is bald then we collect hair from any part of your body such as your chest, arms, under arm or nape. In this case we would need to collect body hair the size of a small cotton ball.

Ask us about how a  hair drug test could help you gain custody of your children again. Every day, county courts take custody of children away from their biological parents accused of using illicit drugs and place them in foster care. This separation can be quite long and the courts only release custody when the judge is satisfied that drug use is no longer an issue in the home. When this happens, the county will test  parents as much as 3 times a week for several months until the court is satisfied that parents are drug free. Even after several clean drug tests, the court may still not be satisfied and continues to retain custody of children in foster care. Hair Follicle tests can help expedite this painful process as the validity of these tests are widely accepted in law enforcement throughout the legal system. 

Additional panels for stronger illicit drugs such as Fentanyl/Metabolites are available and this includes a 13 Panel test that include all of the above 5 Panel drugs and include extended Opiates, Barbiturates, Fentanyl, Buprenorphine/Metabolites and Methadone/Metabolites. If you need additional illegal drugs that need detection, we also offer 17 Panel Hair Follicle tests. So look no further, we are All Better Lab and we are your Companion in Health.

In our efforts to help educate employers and the general public about drug testing we are available to speak at your event free of charge. We’re confident that your membership will appreciate learning more about how drug testing is a valuable tool for safer and cost effective workplaces. If you’re considering implementing a drug test policy at your place of work we can help you decide what policy may work for you.  This includes pre employment drug testing, random drug testing and ongoing post employment drug testing. Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

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